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Aline Khieu

Aline Khieu is a French artist of Cambodian origin, born in 1989. She was born in a migrant reception center in Jura, shortly after her parents' arrival in France.
Regarding her own drawings, her own personality – because they are the same, she says – Aline likes to talk about "luminous darkness." She says: "It's a black that shines. A black that brings sadness, and at the same time, joy."
Her hand is guided by an instinct, a transgenerational impulse that allows her to create without knowing in advance what the paper will reveal. When she creates, consciousness fades away; she is only emotion.
Despite controversies and repression in her family circle, Aline's artistic gift has flourished and shaped her unique style. Her art incorporates elements of her Khmer heritage, sometimes evoking the tumultuous waters of the Mekong or memories of Indochina. But her creations also reflect the enchantment of jasmine-scented alleys, the fascination of Parisian nights, and the striking serenity of the landscapes she has explored.

Aline Khieu is an artist with visceral, voracious, and polymorphic creation. Her artistic expression goes beyond drawing and sculpture, also encompassing photography, music, and writing. Her exhibitions playfully open discussions at the intersection of genres, arts, and the different forms that the mind embraces when it finally manages to escape from its prison, the color of enclosed flesh.

Text: Raphaëlle Gayon

Drawing, Painting, Ink

Aline Khieu's ink drawings

Sculpture, Clay, Wood

Sculpture of a face, in clay

Photography, Digital, Film

Collage of artistic photography


Poetic Therapy


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2021 hysterique, 75003 Paris
2021 ephemire, 75011 Paris
2021 bonjour madame, 75011 Paris

I seek to explore the complexity of the human mind through "my" poetry, revealing its dark and light aspects.
The choice of ink, an indelible medium, to say that each mark on paper becomes an eternal scar. The fine, bold, and sometimes rough lines reflect the duality of guilt and innocence within us, with imperfections symbolizing life's mistakes. Accepted, they become an integral part of the soul's balance, offering therapeutic release. My creations express emotions often repressed, with each stroke being an instrument of exploration towards self-discovery.
Aline Khieu's presentation photo

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